2021 sUMMER cAMPS 

We are excited to have some amazing in-person summer camps this year!  Join us for our many STEM camp experiences such as Engineering with LEGO, Robotics, Coding, Digital Arts, Makers Lab, Wood Shop and more!  Check out our current schedule below for our Laguna Niguel and Tustin centers.  Class sizes are limited so reserve your spot early!

Covid-19 In-Person Camp Regulations and Rules

Please read through the new rules in place to make sure all our students can stay safe and have fun.  Note that policies may change at any time depending on CDC and state guidelines.

Camp Cleanliness

  • Counters, tables, door knobs, etc. are wiped down after each camp(Approximately every 2.5 hours).

  • Students will be asked to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before and after snack or lunch.

Student Requirements

  • Students will have their temperature checked via a non-contact thermometer.  If their reading is above 99.8 degrees F, then they will not be allowed to enter.

  • Students are to wear a face mask.  Unless they are not able to due to an underlying issue and a doctors note is furnished.

Teacher Requirements

  • Teachers will have their temperature checked before their shift and if over 99.8 degrees F then they will not be able to teach and a substitute will be in place.

  • Teachers will be wearing a face mask.

Class Room Adjustments

  • All classes will have a maximum class size between 5-14 depending on class and room size.

  • Doors and/or windows will be left open to provide a constant air flow in and out of the center.