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Home Schooling Awesomeness!

We have been providing classes for the home school community since 2015 and we still continue to offer great classes that cater to the many different needs of the families we serve.  Come check out our classes such as wood shop, robotics, 3d printing, chemistry, reverse engineering, coding and more!  We are continuously creating new classes that are engaging and fun.  Many families consider us as their educational home and our amazing staff continue to create a positive impact for all our learners!


How it Works

  • Check out our class schedule HERE

  • You can take 1 class or multiple classes. You choose the schedule that works for your needs.​

  • You do not need to commit for an entire day, although you are more than welcome too!

  • Follow the directions on HERE and then submit your order with you home school charter.

  • Show up for class!!

  • We are approved through most home school charters including : iLEAD, Cabrillo Point Academy, Pacific Coast Academy, Blue Ridge, Mission Vista, Scale, Excel, Sky Mountain, Compass, Sun Coast Prep, Springs, Epic, Sage Oak, Method and more.

  • Don't see your school? Let us know which school you are with and we will do our best to get added.

2024-2025 SCHEDULE

Check out our quick guide schedule for our Tustin and Laguna Niguel Centers. For more details and to register, scroll down a little more!



To find out prices and details of the classes, click the link below.

To register, please follow these steps:​

  1. Click on the registration link

  2. Click on "Create an Account" if you have not done so yet

  3. ​Enter in your(the parent) information​

  4. Once your account is created, add your children

  5. Add a "membership" to your child. If paying with Home School Charter funds, choose your Home School. If paying out of pocket, choose "General Registration"

  6. Choose your classes

  7. Checkout. If using Home School funds, choose "pay later"

QEUSTIONS? Email us at

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