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2018 Winter Session Has Arrived!

January 8th - March 15th (No Classes : Jan 15, Feb 16, Feb 19



Power Point- In this class students will learn to navigate the PowerPoint interface and create new presentations from scratch, or by using beautiful templates. They will learn how to add text, pictures, sounds, movies, and charts to their presentations. Other topics covered include formatting objects, designing slides using themes, colors, and special effects, animating objects, adding special effects to slide transitions to spice up their presentations.

Ages 11 & up

LEARNING WITH LEGO!  -  $200/10 week session

Stop Motion Animation- Got a great film idea? Turn your idea into reality by creating a Stop Motion Lego movie. Students will learn different animation techniques and apply them toward daily challenges and create their own featured film! Students will need to know how to use a laptop. Ages 6-14                


Jr. Robotics with Lego WeDo- By using the latest LEGO WeDo 2.0 we will be combining programming and LEGO® building and make projects come to life with sensors and motors.  Students will be programming via LEGO’s drag and drop WeDo software and we will be using touch tablets so no typing necessary! This is a fun way to get excited about robotics and programming. Ages 6-12

Engineering with LEGOCrazy Contraptions- Join us in this fun and crazy class as we build crazy machines and contraptions. Projects include designing a Rube-Goldberg contraption, motorized battle tops, scissor lift, and more. Final day includes an in class tournament to earn medals.

Ages 6-14


Robotics with LEGO Boost- Students will be utilizing the newest Lego Robotics, Lego Boost! Through this class, students will be building and programming a different project every week including a musical instrument, a battle bot, and more. We will also have fun hands-on challenges and competitions throughout the session. Ages 8-14

Around the World with LEGO- Learn about different cultures and famous architecture of various locations around the world. Students will build and "travel" to the Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House, Berlin's Bradenberg Gate and even Burj Khalifa in Dubai while learning about these civilizations' histories, governments, & monetary systems. Common phrases and music in these cultures will also be taught. This class is a wonderful opportunity for students who want to take a Social Studies class with a hands-on approach. Ages 9 & up

DIGITAL ARTS  -  $220/10 week session

Youtube Channel Wars- Teams will create a channel together. We will film battles and  challenges between teams at the start of each class and see who can edit them the best and vote on whose videos reign supreme. Ages 13 & up


Photoshop Photo Battles- Class is split into teams, each week they will get a set of challenges that will put creativity and Photoshop skills to the test. Make yourselves into living memes. Ages 11 & up

Manga Studio Comic Creator- Let your creativity come to life as you explore the world of Manga. Create your own hand drawn comic on a digital platform with the power of Manga Studio. Ages 11 & up

Photoshop Poster Designs- Your favorite TV show, Movie, Comic, or cereal can be made into a cool poster. Each week we will learn some advanced techniques to help make your poster ideas come life. Ages 11 & up

COMPUTER GAME DESIGN -  $220/10 week session

Computer Coding- Build a 2d game from start finish beginners

Discover the simplicity of designing games and apps with just your mouse. From character and level design to programming, everything is done visually. If you can read, you can program a game. Concepts include creating your game concept, 2d games physics, animating, creating the environment, and developing game structure - programming.  Ages 11 & up

Computer Coding- Build a 3D Game- Learn to build a complete 3d game, from start to finish, using the industry leading Unity game development engine. Topics to be covered include creating your game concept and games characters, animating 3d characters, creating the environment, and developing game structure - programming in C# (C sharp) introduction.  Ages 11 & up

     High School Chemistry A-G Wet Lab- Class Full!!! If interested in a new offering, please contact us for session 3!


     High School Chemistry Honors- This class is an extension of the Chemistry wet lab covering A-G approved topics.


     Chemistry Lab Plus- Explore hands-on fun and make things bubble, fizz, change color, react and grow. Students will      

     learn how these processes occur in their everyday life. Basic concepts will include pH (acids and bases), capillary action,

     signs of reactions (bubbles, heat, physical and chemical changes), the electromagnetic spectrum, polymers, and changes

     in states of matter. $250 Ages 12 & up

Harry Potter- Do you belong to Gryffindor, Slytherine, or ??? Join us for this creative, scientific, and magical class and create your house crest, make your custom wand, learn how to write and cast spells, and more! Students will learn things such as sound frequency and botany through the mandrake plant and how invisible ink works. Dissect owl pellets and see what it has been eating, learn about the philosopher’s stone through use of alchemy, chemistry through potion making, and create your own dragon! $230 Ages 6-12


Wood Shop 2- Beginners Level with all new projects!! Good ol' wood shop! Student will learn the basics of wood shop and how to use the tools that shape, join, cut and form projects made of wood. Students will learn to use tools such as a band-saw, drill press, sanders and more to create various projects! $270 Ages 10 & up

NOTE: This class is designed for mature students; Any students asked to leave after the first day will incur a $35 drop fee


Electronic CosPlay- Step up your cosplay game and join this Invertor's Lab class as we learn about electronics and how to integrate it into costumes and costume accessories. Learn how to light up and motorized gears and gadgets. Make your wildest cosplay dreams come true! $250 Ages 12-18



Industrial Arts - Motorize Your Ride- Bring your pedal pushers to life. Join us as we modify your bicycle, skateboard, unicycle and any other non-motor mode of transportations. Students will be provided a default battery and motor, however upgrades are available (ask for prices). Students will learn about metal fabrication, including welding, grinding and light machining.  $300 High School students only
NOTE: Students must provide their own transportation to upgrade       

3D Printing Basics- Learn about the world of 3D printing and turn your ideas into a reality! Students will learn how to use 123 Design and more advanced students will get to learn the basics of Fusion 360(CAD) program. Different design challenges will be given out, such as designing a fidget spinner and a custom flash drive case! Eighty percent of this class will be learning how to use Fusion 360 as the design process is a vital component of 3D printing.  $270  Ages 10 & up 

The Science of Star Wars- When students join Brain Builders Star Wars class, they will learn about various biomes when "visiting" Tatooine, Hoth,

and Endor; Decide which frequency of nanometers is best for the color of their own light saber; Discover different kingdoms of planate and animalia when learning about various creatures in the galaxy and what happens when their genetics mix; And of course the astronomy and physics involved

in living beyond Earth. $230  Ages 6-12

    Zoology 2- The inner and out workings!! From dissection (hands-on and virtual) to behavior and

    ecosystem, students will learn about animals and their relationships to each other and their enviro-e. ment. No need to have taken Zoology part 1 for this cool class as all of the topics are NEW! $250

    Ages 12 & up


    Biology Lab- A-G approved for those high school students seeking credit from a rigorous program.       This class is part 2 of the wet-labs series offered at Brain Builders. Students do NOT need to      

    have taken part 1 to enroll, however some knowledge of biology will prove helpful.   Main topics of

    study include using a compound microscope which will be used throughout the class to study cells

    and learn its various components (organelles and their functions), and processes (transportation,

reproduction, and differentiation). DNA and genetics will be covered with attention given to natural selection and evolution. Finally, the interdependence of organisms will be addressed with a focus on ecosystems.  $300 (Note: This is a 2 hour class) High school students only

   Mini ElA         mini math

Class size of 5 students or less; Any age; $300

Classes will consist of a min-lesson using hands-on manipulatives, mnemonic devices (such as songs), a worksheet and an interactive game

Session 2

These 10 weeks will cover grammar, punctuation and common spelling words.

Session 3

These 10 weeks will cover vocabulary, spelling and handwriting/penmanship. 

Session 2

These 10 weeks will cover addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Session 3

These 10 weeks will cover fractions, ratios and percentages. 


  Astronomy- Students will examine the movement of the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars as well as the powerful forces involved in

                                         the formation of our galaxy and universe! Each class will consist of a short lesson and a hands-on lab to reinforce concepts taught.                                                    $250  Ages 12 & up 


                                         Geology & Meteorology- Students will begin learning about Geology and explore rocks, minerals, soil, earthquakes, volcanoes,

                                         plate-tectonic and the formation of our planet. The class will then learn the science of weather, climate and biomes. $250 Ages 12 & up

                                         High School Physics- A-G Wet labs- This science course is designed to give students a thorough understanding of foundational                                                      physics concepts (the study of matter, energy, and the interaction between them). Throughout the course students are introduced to

                                         the processes of scientific investigation, the common properties, forms and changes in matter and energy and to the interrelationship                                                  between science, technology and human activity. Application of their knowledge to laboratory investigation, students will investigate

 the principles of physics through the study of four strands: Mechanics, Energy, Waves and Light, Electricity and Magnetism, and Subatomic Physics. $250 

     High School students 

Escape Room- Each week, students will solve multiple puzzles and riddles to "get out" of the room. NOTE: This is NOT a scary class and the door to the room does not lock. Students will determine a leader, determine a timer, develop a strategy, and work together to problem solve and think outside the box in order to "escape" the room in time. There are multiple themes (such as Star Wars, Mad Scientist, Historian, Holiday and Seasonal) that span multiple subject areas including Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Sports and Music. Do you have what it takes?  $200 Ages 10 & up

S'Math 2- You asked for more... we have more! Where Science and Math collide! Students will learn science through hands on experiments with an emphasis on math. Topics this session will include Optical Illusions, Bacteria Analysis, Matter & Mixtures, Kinds of Chemical Reactions, Cookie Math and more. $200 Ages 10 & up


Parents Night IN- Due to popular demand, Jon Cassie will be conducting Board Game night for parents. Jon's class in Session 1 was a great hit with our students... so much that parents requested him to teach them. In this class, parents will have a chance to play some of the most interesting card and board games that have ever been published. Some are old, some are brand new. This class is offered every other week, Monday evenings from 5:00pm-7:00pm. $100 Ages adults only!

Other Classes for

     Language Arts- Join our high school A-G Language Arts class and read the classics such

     as Homer's The Odyssey, and John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men and more! $250 HS Students

     Math Foundations- Looking for a math class that will prepare your student for Pre-Algebra?This is it.

     Join Brain Builders to help you set your foundations in math in order to move onwards to the next

     level. $250 High School students

Call Us: 714-360-1101   /   info@BrainBuildersED.org   /  PO Box 2787 Costa Mesa, 92628

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