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How long are your classes? Our sessions run for 16 weeks.  All Classes meet once a week for 1.5 hours, with the exception of competitive robotic teams.

How big are your classes and what is the student to teacher ratio? It depends on the class. For example, Wood Shop has a max of 6 students, Digital Arts has a max of 8 while Engineering with LEGO has a max of 20. Our student to teacher ratio is just about 15 to 1.

Do you have drop off days? You can choose any classes you want on any day.  You can choose to customize your classes how you want.  Come 5 days a week for a couple classes each day or come 2 days a week for a full day.  It is up to you!


Can I just drop my child off for a long period of time?  Absolutely!  Just sign them up for classes back to back and they will stay with us until their final class.


What do we do between classes?  All classes have a 30 minute break in between periods.  Students are welcome to hang out, have a snack, socialize or relax.  High School student parent’s can also sign a waiver so they can leave campus to go get food or a drink.


What do you do for lunch? Supervised Lunch and Open Lab time is included for those that sign up for periods 2 and 3.  Students have lunch, watch a movie, play board games or video games, socialize, and just hang out and make friends!  Not staying for both periods but still want to join us?  You can pay a little extra and have your student hang out with us.


Classes have started, can we still join?  Yes!  Depending on what class is being offered, we will advise you if it is appropriate to join or wait until the next session.  We will also prorate the cost!

I missed a class, can I get credited?  Depends on the situation, if you had an emergency then we can work something out.  If you just slept in late or decided to do something last minute, then unfortunately we can’t do anything about that!


We will be missing some classes during the semester, what do we do?  If you let us know ahead of time before you sign up, we can prorate you the cost.  If there is anything that we can provide to keep your learner up to speed, then we will get you those worksheets or let you know what we will be covering.

I don’t have enough funds.  


Can I pay part of pocket?  Yes you definitely can pay out of pocket if you want to take more classes than your funds allow.

What if my child does not like the class?  We want to make sure your child enjoys the class they are in.  But we also understand that not all students will enjoy certain classes.  We will do our best to transfer them into a class they enjoy or credit towards a future class with us.

We are taking classes that are not back to back.  What can we do during the gap?  Sign up for Study Hall and your child can stay and do independent work or read a book.

More questions? Contact us at 714-360-1101 or Email:

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