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Engineering & Tech Camps


Experience the technology that is shaping our future! Students will get to fly drones through obstacle courses, build and program robots and see how VR is changing education and the world around us! This fun and exciting class will open your eyes to the technologies of the future! (*note- VR can cause dizziness in students that are sensitive to visual digital movement)​


We are learning about 3d printing and design!  Students will be designing in Tinkercad and then we will be 3d printing them out on our small fleet of 3d printers!  We are going through proper design techniques and students will be designing multiple take home projects.  Note- students will be designing on a computer 99% of the time and need to know how to use a computer mouse and be familiar with a keyboard.


Got the hang of 3d printing and want to learn more design techniques? We will be getting into multiple part design, joint designs, and integrating 3d printing with functional objects such as bearings.  We will be going through different projects during the week and students will be able to take home their projects.​


Dive into the world of Arduino, an open source microcontroller capable of creating some amazing creations! Students will get introduced to electronics, circuits, switches, motors and more while using the software to control their creation. The sky is the limit!  

Circuits and Soldering

Learn the basics of electronics and soldering. Students will learn the awesome art of soldering through hands-on, take home projects while learning about the circuits, L.E.D's, resistors, switches and more. No materials needed, everything is provided!

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