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Image by Xavi Cabrera

Engineering with LEGO!

Don't just play with LEGO, ENGINEER it! These fun hands-on camps will challenge any LEGO lover and our filled with challenges and lessons in engineering. Check out our different themed camps.


Battle Tops and Battle vehicles! students will be engineering motorized battle top spinners and motorized battle Machines that move and attack on our custom track. Concepts taught include gears, friction, inertia and basic electronics. Final day contest with a chance to earn a medal and prizes!


Learn about structures, bridges, cars and more as we build it and then try to destroy it!  We will be using our air cannon to blow up structures, running cars into LEGO brick walls, testing bridges with weights to test your building skills. Concepts taught include strong joints, bridge designs, strong shapes, gear ratios and more!  Final day contest with a chance to earn a medal and prizes.


Race your friends as you go head to head in a zip-line race! Projects include gravity, motorized, and mini zip-line racers. Concepts taught include gear ratios, center of gravity, pulleys, and more. Can your racer carry the most amount of weight or go the slowest up our zip-line?​


Get ready to break down those walls and take over the castle! Students will be building catapults, motorized battering rams, strong walls that can survive our air cannon and more! They will learn about concepts such as energy, strong joints, levers, and gear ratios as they complete daily challenges.


Welcome to Brain Builders Summer Olympics! Students will build projects such as a high jump, basketball, boxing and soccer bots! We
will be using springs, motors, and gears in this class. Students will also compete indifferent Olympic events each day and have a chance to earn medals on the final day!


Get ready for a week of Star Wars themed projects! Are you the dark or light side?  Students will be building x-wing and tie fighters and race them down a zip-line, motorized droids, Star Wars battle vehicles, Light saber "boxing bots" and more! Concepts taught include gear ratios, center of gravity, pulleys, and move-able joints. Will the light side prevail? Each student will receive a Star Wars minifigure on the final day.


Get ready to race your friends and put your LEGO vehicles creation through some extreme challenges!  Can you launch your vehicle over the LEGO pit, drive through an obstacle course, or do the longest wheelie?  Students will be using spring loaded and electric motors, remote controls and of course lots of LEGO bricks in able to complete different challenges in class.  Concepts taught include friction, gear ratios, and basic electronics.


Do you love the show LEGO Masters?!  Join us as and become “LEGO Masters”!  Students will have fun competitions each day and learn new building skills.  From LEGO sculpting, space ships, themed builds, bridges and more, this class will put your skills to the test!  Want to be on a team with your buddy?  Invite a friend that you think you can build the best with.  Fun prizes each day with a final day competition where participants will have a chance to earn a medal.  See you soon “LEGO Masters”!


Make your LEGO projects come to life! We take you through the process of animating your wildest LEGO movie production. This guided class will teach you the basics of animation, story board creation, sound effects and more. From making a LEGO person walk to creating a autobiography, each day we will introduce new challenges and help you through the process. Join us for this fun and creative class!

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