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Wood Shop Summer!

Good old woodshop! Students will learn tool safety and how to use the tools that shape and cut wood. Tools used includes power drills, band saws, miter saws, power sanders and more. This project based class will leave your student wanting more! Students can take any class as we will be completing different projects in each. Note - Projects can vary depending on students interest and class size. Class is for mature students that can follow rules!​ Taken the class before? No problem as this is great for repeat students and they will be able to work on different projects or their own custom ideas.

Jr.Wood Shop - Ages 9-13 : Students will be using power drills and power sanders. They will learn wood assembling skills and finishing techniques such as painting and staining. Projects include making a key holder, planter, and if time allows - a custom project.

Wood Shop  - Ages 13-17 : Students will learn how to use power drills, band saw, miter saw and power sanders. They will be building a name plate/key holder, tic-tac-toe game or their own custom project. 

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