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Ultimate Harry Potter Camp

Are you a Harry Potter fanatic!  Join us as we transform Brain Builders into Hogwarts!  Students will have a magical time with many amazing activities and makers lab projects. Besides participating in fun games and trivia, students will be making wands, custom broom sticks with their name engraved on it, dissect owl pellets, learn about the animals of Harry Potter and get to hold a Python and other reptiles*, make "floating" candles, making chocolate frogs, learn about potions and more!  Our enthusiastic teachers are big fans of Harry Potter and come dressed to impress!  Join us for a fantastical experience with a pizza party, butter beer and surprise take home gifts on the final day! 

Activities include:

  • Sorting hat ceremony

  • Fun games and trivia

  • Custom engraved broom

  • Custom wands

  • Chemistry and potions lab

  • Create, learn and play chess

  • Map making

  • REAL Reptiles! Snakes, frogs, turtles, tarantulas and more!

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