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Check out some of our frequently asked questions about summer camps! Didn't find your answer? Contact us below.

Q: I want to take a million camps! Do you have and special discounts for me?

A: We love your excitement! Shoot us an email and we can definitely work with you.

Q:Will masks be required for summer camps?

A: At this moment we are planning on having masks optional for summer.

Q: What is your teacher to student ratio?

A: We typically have a 1 to 15 ratio. However many of our classes have a lower maximum so the ratio can be lower!

Q: I got like 10 families in our group that are going to take camps with you, any discounts?

A: Amazing! We got you. Shoot us an email and we will get you a referral discount!

Q: What do they do in extended hours?

A: Students usually hang out and play video games, socialize, watch a movie, build with LEGO, play with games we have at the center and hang out with our awesome teachers!

Q: What do we need to bring?

A: If you are staying a full day, bring a drink, lunch and plenty of snacks! Students get surprisingly hungry with all that thinking!

Q: Are there any outdoor physical activities?

A: Unfortunately we do not do any outdoor physical activities although we do go outside to race cars, fly airplanes and launch rockets!

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