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Do you know what LEGO sculpting is?

Check out some of the videos below to learn all about LEGO sculpting and then join our Contest!

So What is LEGO Sculpting?

To "SCULPT" is to create or represent (something) by carving, casting, or other shaping techniques.  In this project, we are using LEGO bricks to sculpt!  You can sculpt many things, including animals, humans, cars, spaceships, flowers and more. If you have been to the LEGO store or LEGO Land then you have seen some amazing LEGO sculpting.  

Can i get a job building with LEGO?

See how some of these people took their love of building and turned it into a career!  But like all things, it takes practice, hard work and determination.

Check out some of these cool builds!

Don't forget, if you don't have all these pieces you can always get creative and use other pieces.  There is more than one way to build something!

Making a LEGO Ball

Making T-Rex

Now that you have some ideas, what will you build?


The Contest: We are looking to see who can create an awesome LEGO sculpting project! Get creative, come up with your best idea and share it with us!

STEP 1 : Ask your parents for help signing up.(You cannot sign up without your parent's involvement)

STEP 2 : Go to the contest forum page and create an account.

STEP 3 : Have your parents verify the account. Here are different ways to verify.

  • Verify with a Facebook account(must have picture of you and your child

  • If you have taken classes with us(send us your email so we can look you up) 

  • Register for the contest on-line here. (0.50 cent fee)

  • If you are an SAUSD student, sign up with your SAUSD email.

STEP 4 : Wait for us to approve your account.

STEP 5 : Once approved, login to the forum, read the contest rules and start creating!

for parents:the nitty gritty safety policies

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