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for parents:the nitty gritty safety policies

Hello Parents, we take online safety seriously!  That's why there is a process to join our contest forums.  Here are things you need to know about our safe and secure online environment.

  • All members need to be verified by you(the parent) and accounts are approved by our staff.

  • Why is there a registration fee?  This nominal fee of .50 cents is just another layer of protection.  This is to prove that an adult is present and approving the participation through a credit card transaction.

  • Why is the fee not .01 cents?  Our merchant accounts charges a flat rate fee per transaction plus a percentage of the price. 

  • The Contest Forum is a private forum, nobody is able to post or participate unless approved by our staff.

  • We have word filters up!  We have a list of inappropriate words that cannot be used.  If students use these words it will show up as "****".

  • We monitor the forums.  We have our staff moderators constantly regulating the forums for inappropriate things.  They also post motivating and encouraging things too!

  • Members cannot privately chat with each other.

  • Depending on the offense, if student's do not follow the rules they will be removed or given a warning.  Student's only get 1 warning.

  • Forum is for kids only!  Nobody over the age of 14 is allowed, although parents can help their kids with creating posts and navigating.

While we try and do our best to put up safegaurds, there is always the risk of people breaking the rules.  If you see something strange, please contact us immediately so we can keep a safe, fun and inspiring place for our youth!

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