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Serving Orange County since 2002, we teach STEM education to youth ages 6-18! What started off as an afterschool program has now expanded to 2 physical STEM centers and collaborations that extend world wide. 

We are proud to offer one of the best STEM programs in Orange County and we are honored to to be able to create a positive impact on today's youth!


Our vision is to empower youth to think independently to achieve their goals.


To create and implement STEM education programs that encompass 3 aspects:

  1. Creating goals that students can achieve

  2. Teaching concepts that students can apply to achieve their goals

  3. Creating  a hands-on environment where they can tangibly accomplish their goals




We believe in creating a learning environment that is safe, fun and educational. Exactly in that order!

If a student feels safe, then they can have fun. If a student is having fun, then they are learning to their highest potential.

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