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Serving Orange County since 2002, we offer the best classes in Engineering with LEGO® bricks and Chess Club.  We also have the best LEGO® themed birthday parties in the area!  Take some time to look around our site and find out why we stand out from the rest. 


We also have many classes and camps, including our First LEGO® League teams held at our center in Laguna Niguel.  Our classes are STEM based and we encourage students to apply the concepts they learn to create their own projects, not just building from a set of instructions.  Join us today for the Brain Builders experience!


The California Chess Academy was founded in 2002. Seeing how other programs were missing the mark, we strived to establish a program that stood out from the rest. After many hours of collaboration, we had created a unique chess program that was able to capture the interest of young students and help expand their minds.

In 2010, a new after school program was developed, Engineering with LEGO Blocks. With that addition, the California Chess Academy, now became Brain Builders Educational Programs. With these 2 unique classes, we continue to expand the minds of the youth and enable them to think independently to accomplish their goals.

As the programs and vision are constantly growing every year, we have decided to expand the demographics that we reach and give back to the community. We will achieve this by starting a non-profit organization, Brain Builders Foundation, which is estimated to be fully established by summer, 2012.


With this, we will be able to reach inner city youth and provide them with free educational opportunities that will have a great impact on their future. We believe that the structure of our programs and the applicable knowledge it provides will become the new standard to follow for all enrichment and educational classes.

We are excited for the past, current, and future success of all our programs and hope to expand them to every student!



Our vision is to build and expand the minds of youth and enable them to think independently to accomplish their goals.


This is done by offering educational programs which provide 3 main aspects:

  1. Goal Setting – Creating goals that students can achieve

  2. Teaching Concepts (i.e. science, math, logic, critical thinking) – Teaching students concepts that they can apply to achieve their goals

  3. Creating an Interactive Environment – Providing students with a hands-on environment where they can tangibly accomplish their goals


Specifically, we will be providing adolescents with Chess and Engineering with LEGO block classes to achieve our vision.

As schools shift their focus more and more toward testing, these fun and challenging programs will help develop a well-rounded mind, which is becoming harder to do from school alone. Students will develop their minds in the following areas:

  1. Critical thinking

  2. Analysis

  3. Application of Concepts

  4. Re-evaluation

  5. Problem Solving

  6. Mechanics

  7. Patience

  8. Learning from mistakes

  9. Conceptual thinking

  10. Independent thinking

  11. Goal setting

  12. Accomplishment

  13. Creativity


Our hope is that from their experience and what they learn in class, students will be able to apply these skills in different areas of life. Our goal is not just to “tell” students about concepts, but it is to enable students to apply new concepts both in class and in life!

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