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Free Learning Resources

Check out all the amazing STEM activities below and get your brains ready!  Check back often as we are always adding more things for you to learn!


Check out the different engineering activites below!  Got LEGO Bricks? Then try out our Engineering with LEGO challenges.  Don't have that many LEGO Bricks?  Don't worry, our STEM Building activities include things you can easily find around the house!

Paper Plane
Make a Rube Goldberg Machine!

Ever want to build those crazy over complicated machines that end up performing a simple task?  Learn all about them, start planning and built it!

Check out the videos and download the worksheets.

Digital Design

Learn how to use CAD (computer aided design) software to create some amazing 2D and 3D objects.  CAD software is used throughout engineering and design and now you can learn how to use it to design a key chain, storm trooper, or whatever you want!

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