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Winter Camp 2021

Join us for some fun Engineering Winter Camps from December 27th - 31st at our Tustin Center!


9:00am-11:30am : Engineering with LEGO Battle Bots 

For Ages 6-12. Join us as we build LEGO machines that can move and battle each other! Students will be using gears, motors and remote controls to bring their projects to life and then put their builds to the test in different challenges and a battle bot contest!

12:15pm-2:45pm : Stop Motion Animation w/LEGO

For Ages 6-12. Have a great movie idea and love building with LEGO? This is the perfect camp as students learn about stop motion animation and create unique animations. Animators will be challenged with different challenges and learn animation techniques each day!

9:00am-11:30am : 2d Video Game Design 

For Ages 8-13. Instead of just playing video games, students will use their creativity to create different 2d video games using Microsoft Makecode! They will then be able to download it to a physical hand held arcade machine. Students will create their own characters, backgrounds and more!

12:15pm-2:45pm : Upcycled Engineering

For Ages 8-13. Do you love to build and make things! Get creative as we upcycle different materials to create some amazing things. Projects include making a working lamp you get to take home! Students will also be using hand drills and saws to assemble and gather parts!

Full Day Camp Option

Choose a morning and afternoon camp to make it a full day! Pack a lunch as supervised lunch time is included!

Extended Hours

Can't get enough of us! Stay here all the way until 4:30pm. This time consist of video games, board games(like chess) and movies. Only $60 extra for the week. 

*Want to drop off for only a few days? Contact us and we can help set that up!

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