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Enter the Contest!

If you could create a superhero to make this world a better place, who would it be?!


Contest Rules

Here is the nitty gritty on how to enter.

  • This contest is for students ages 5-14.

  • Students will need to answer this question and they can be as creative as possible(create a video, comic, drawing, song, etc.):

    • Create a superhero who will make this world a better place! What is your Hero's name, power and how are they making the world a better place?​

  • Submit your entry by using the link below by the deadline, May 31st at 11:59pm.

  • Winners will be announced via email and social media on June 5th.

    • 2 x 1st place prizes will win ANY full day camp or a combination of 2 half day camps.

    • 2 x Runner up prizes will get 50% off vouchers for ANY half day camp.

    • Camps subject to availability.  Camp schedule can be found here.

    • Judges will consist of Brain Builders awesome teachers!

    • We are looking for creativity and originality!

  • 1 Entry per child.

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