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Virtual Summer Camps!

Starting June 15th

We know times are different now but it doesn't mean we have to stop learning or having fun!  Check out our awesome virtual summer camps hosted via Zoom.  Same great teachers coupled with great classes!  We have camps that nobody else has like our 3d Printing class where we actually create the project your child designs and mail it out to you!

Still looking for in-person classes?  We got those too and will resume them when we are allowed to.  You can reserve in-person camps for free now and pay later once we are 100% certain we can start them.  Check those out HERE.

Virtual Camp Guide

Kids Reading Outdoor
Grade Specific English
(3rd-6th Grade)
Math Formulas and a Calculator
Grade Specific Math
(3rd-6th Grade)
Grade Specific Math
(3rd-6th Grade)
School Supply
1st-2nd Grade
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