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Student pick up is expected within 10 minutes from the end of class. While we understand that traffic happens, it is important for parents to arrive on time for pick up. If you are unable to pick up within 10 minutes from the end of class, may we suggest your student signs up for The Study or Virtual Reality time?


The Study is located on the top floor of Brain Builders where students can read, work on homework or projects, and have access to the internet and office supplies with supervision. They also can help themselves to a snack and water in the "kitchen". 

The cost of The Study is $40/month for one hour a week for families already taking classes with Brain Builders. 

Virtual Reality is located in our game room on the lower level. Students who opt for this are allowed to play any game loaded on the system (educational or otherwise).

Prices are as follows: $30 for 1/2 hour; $100 for a 4 pack ($25/ half hour); $180 for an 8 pack ($22.50/ half hour); $240 for a 12 pack ($20/ half hour)

Another option for parents is to sign a waiver of liability and your student will be permitted to leave the premises at the end of class and meet you for pick up. Students must be at least 9 years of age or older.

If none of these choices are of interest, late pickups will be charged $1/min after the 10 minute pick up window. This charge will be collected immediately upon pick up (cash or credit card only). Thank you for your understanding.


Late Pick Ups

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