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Engineering with LEGO : CATAPULTS!

Lets start building!  Check out the different challenges below.

1. Download the Lesson!

2. Read the challenge.

3. Start building!



Catapults are awesome and can launch things across the room!  Check out these worksheets and see if you can build a LEGO catapult!  If you don't have the exact same pieces, don't worry, get creative and combine or use other LEGO bricks that will still work.  How far can you launch an object?

The Challenge

Engineer a class 1 and class 3 catapult and see how far you can launch something.  You can launch a LEGO brick, marshmallow, or anything else that will fit in your catapult.

The Rules

Challenge 1 - Build a LEGO class 1 catapult that can launch something at least 10 feet!

Challenge 2 - Build a LEGO class 3 catapult that can launch something at least 10 feet!

Ultimate Challenge - Build a LEGO catapult of your own design that can launch 20 feet!

We would love to see your project!  Share it on social media and have your parents tag us on Facebook(Brain Builders STEM Education) or tag us on Instagram(@brainbuildersstem)

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