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Check out all our camps below!  For our camp calendar that lists dates and times go here.  All camp pricing is for half day camps unless otherwise stated.

Super Robotics camp-$495(full day)

Join us for the ultimate robotics camp! Only at Brain Builders Tustin STEM Center. Students will learn about 2 different robotics platforms, LEGO Mindstorms EV3 and Vex IQ and build a Mechanical Robotic Arm they get to keep! Mindstorms and VEX iQ are 2 of the most popular competitive robotics platforms in Orange County! Students will learn the mechanics of each robot and be faced with different challenges. Students will also compete head to head in a robot capture the flag tournament and battle bots! Which robot will prove victorious? Mindstorms EV3 or Vex IQ?! Choose a side and battle it out! Class includes a final tournament with medals, prizes and a pizza party!  This is a full day camp M-F from 9am-3pm.

Robot Arm.jpg

ultimate video game camp-$695 

Join us for the best video game camp ever!  This full day camp consist of not only learning how to program your own 2d video game and putting it on your personal pocket arcade(make code arcade) you get to take home, but you will also get to make a 2nd arcade machine - the PICADE($200 value).  Students will assemble, modify, paint and upload 100's of games to this rasberry pi arcade machine.  There will also be daily video game contest from the classic Pacman, Super Smash Brothers, and the HTC Vive Virtual Reality gaming headset.  Join us for this epic camp!  Pizza party on the last day too!  This is a full day camp M-F from 9am-3pm.


ultimate harry poter camp-$570

Are you a Harry Potter fanatic!  Join us as we transform Brain Builders into Hogwarts!  Students will have a magical time with many amazing activities and makers lab projects. Besides participating in fun games and trivia, students will be making wands, custom broom sticks with their name engraved on it, dissect owl pellets, learn about the animals of Harry Potter and get to hold a Python and other reptiles*, make "floating" candles, making chocolate frogs, learn about potions and more!  Our enthusiastic teachers are big fans of Harry Potter and come dressed to impress!  Join us for a fantastical experience with a pizza party, butter beer and surprise take home gifts on the final day! 

(*Reptiles are dependent on Covid restrictions from the independent vendor)

Dates: 7/26-7/30   Times: 9am-3pm   Ages: 7-14   Location: Tustin

harry gryffindor.png
Super Robot
Video Game

Super Engineering Camp-$475(full day)

Do you love engineering!  We will be building rockets, propeller powered vehicles, planes, 3d printing, modifying power wheels to make them go 2x faster and more!  Students will have fun, hands-on activities each day including how to solder.  This camp is filled with fun contests and activities such as a power wheels race and egg drop from the top of our building!  Last day includes a pizza party.  This is a full day camp M-F from 9am-3pm.  Come put your thinking hat on as you learn and build amazing things!

Dates: 6/7-6/11   Times: 9am-3pm   Ages: 10-15   Location: Tustin


super science camp-$475(Full Day) 

Tired of making slime?!  Are your home science experiments falling short? Join us for super science week as we dive into hands-on experiments from chemistry to biology!  We are making things like elephant toothpaste that will blast out of a flask(not fizzle out), lighting things on fire(safely of course!), exploring nonnewtonian fluids, learning about insects, animals, plants, elements, reactions, surface tension and more!  Don't miss out on this reactive camp!  Pizza party on the last day too!  This is a full day camp M-F from 9am-3pm.

Dates: 6/14-6/18   Times: 9am-3pm   Ages: 6-11   Location: Tustin

beaker dry ice.jpg

Forensic Science-$210


We are diving into the world of solving crimes and connecting the science of a crime scene to solve the case!  Join us as we learn about fingerprints, DNA, fibers, hair samples, foot and tire imprints, and more.  Each day includes hands-on activities.  The final day will involve the students trying to solve the crime scene at Brain Builders!  Can you close the case?  This class involves kid friendly themes

Dates: 7/5-7/9   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 6-10   Location: Tustin


Welcome to the world of sci-fi and forensics and we try to solve the extraterrestrial or supernatural case!  Who took all the cows?  Is that a human or alien fingerprint?  Is that big foot or something ghostly? Join us in this fun spin on forensics as we go through hands-on experiments and investigations in order to solve the case!

Dates: 7/19-7/23   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 8-13   Location: Tustin

Crime Scene Tape

Engineering with LEGO-$175


Battle Tops and Battle vehicles! students will be engineering motorized battle top spinners and motorized battle Machines that move and attack on our custom track. Concepts taught include gears, friction, inertia and basic electronics. Final day contest with a chance to earn a medal and prizes!

Dates: 6/7-6/11   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 6-12   Location: Tustin

Dates: 8/2-8/6   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 6-12   Location: Tustin


Learn about structures, bridges, cars and more as we build it and then try to destroy it!  We will be using our air cannon to blow up structures, running cars into LEGO brick walls, testing bridges with weights to test your building skills. Concepts taught include strong joints, bridge designs, strong shapes, gear ratios and more!  Final day contest with a chance to earn a medal and prizes.

Dates: 6/7-6/11   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 6-12   Location: Tustin

Dates: 7/26-7/30   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 6-12   Location: Tustin


Race your friends as you go head to head in a zip-line race! Projects include gravity, motorized, and mini zip-line racers. Concepts taught include gear ratios, center of gravity, pulleys, and more. Can your racer carry the most amount of weight or go the slowest up our zip-line?

Dates: 6/21-6/25   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 6-12   Location: Tustin

Dates: 7/26-7/30   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 6-12   Location: Tustin


Get ready to break down those walls and take over the castle! Students will be building catapults, motorized battering rams, strong walls that can survive our air cannon and more! They will learn about concepts such as energy, strong joints, levers, and gear ratios as they complete daily challenges.

Dates: 5/31-6/4   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 6-12   Location: Tustin

Dates: 6/14-6/18   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 6-12   Location: Laguna

Dates: 7/5-7/9   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 6-12   Location: Tustin

Dates: 7/5-7/9   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 6-12   Location: Laguna


Welcome to Brain Builders Summer Olympics! Students will build projects such as a highjump, basketball, boxing and soccer bots! We
will be using springs, motors, and gears in this class. Students will also compete indiffferent Olympic events each day and have a chance to earn medals on the final day!

Dates: 7/12-7/16   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 6-12   Location: Laguna

Dates: 7/19-7/23   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 6-12   Location: Tustin


Get ready for a week of Star Wars themed projects! Are you the dark or light side?  Students will be building x-wing and tie fighters and race them down a zip-line, motorized droids, Star Wars battle vehicles, Light saber "boxing bots" and more! Concepts taught include gear ratios, center of gravity, pulleys, and move-able joints. Will the light side prevail? Each student will receive a Storm Trooper minifigure on the final day.

Dates: 6/28-7/2   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 6-12   Location: Tustin

Dates: 6/28-7/2   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 6-12   Location: Laguna

Dates: 7/19-7/23   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 6-12   Location: Laguna


Get ready to race your friends and put your LEGO vehicles creation through some extreme challenges!  Can you launch your vehicle over the LEGO pit, drive through an obstacle course, or do the longest wheelie?  Students will be using spring loaded and electric motors, remote controls and of course lots of LEGO bricks in able to complete different challenges in class.  Concepts taught include friction, gear ratios, and basic electronics.

Dates: 6/14-6/18   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 6-12   Location: Tustin

Dates: 7/5-7/9   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 6-12   Location: Laguna

Dates: 7/12-7/16   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 6-12   Location: Tustin


Do you love the show LEGO Masters?!  Join us as and become “LEGO Masters”!  Students will have fun competitions each day and learn new building skills.  From LEGO sculpting, space ships, themed builds, bridges and more, this class will put your skills to the test!  Want to be on a team with your buddy?  Invite a friend that you think you can build the best with.  Fun prizes each day with a final day competition where participants will have a chance to earn a medal.  See you soon “LEGO Masters”!

Dates: 6/14-6/18   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 7-12   Location: Tustin

Dates: 6/21-6/25   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 6-12   Location: Laguna

Dates: 7/26-7/30   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 6-12   Location: Laguna

Dates: 8/9-8/13   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 7-12   Location: Tustin


Make your LEGO projects come to life! We take you through the process of animating your wildest LEGO movie production. This guided class will teach you the basics of animation, story board creation, sound effects and more. From making a LEGO person walk to creating a autobiography, each day we will introduce new challenges and help you through the process. Join us for this fun and creative class!

Dates: 6/7-6/11   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 7-13   Location: Laguna

Dates: 6/21-6/25   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 7-13   Location: Tustin

Dates: 7/5-7/9   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 7-13   Location: Tustin

Dates: 8/2-8/6   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 7-13   Location: Laguna

Dates: 8/9-8/13   Times: 9am-1:30am   Ages: 7-13   Location: Tustin



Ready to enter the world of robotics while using two popular robotics platforms? This class will take you through the basics of robotics with Dash robotics and LEGO Wedo 2.0 as you program your project to come to life! From navigating obstacle courses, LEGO robots to motorized spinning tops, students will learn how motion and tilt sensors work in automating your robot. Students will be working at their own pace and be faced with many fun challenges!  Great for students just getting introduced to robotics or students wanting to learn a new platform for robotics.

Dates: 5/31-6/4   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 6-12   Location: Tustin

Dates: 6/21-6/25   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 6-12   Location: Tustin

Dates: 8/9-8/13   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 6-12   Location: Tustin


Ready to enter the world of robotics while using LEGO? This class will take you through the basics of robotics with LEGO Wedo 2.0 as you program your project to come to life! Create LEGO projects while using motion and tilt sensors. Students will be working at their own pace and be faced with many fun challenges!  Great for students just getting introduced to robotics or students wanting to do more with their LEGO projects!

Dates: 6/14-6/18   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 6-12   Location: Laguna

Dates: 8/2-8/6   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 6-12   Location: Laguna


Learn about robotics through LEGO LEGO Boost! This class is one step up from the Dash and LEGO Wedo Class. Students will learn how to build and program the Boost robot in this challenged based class. Students will program multiple motors and make them respond to different sensors. Make your robot come to life and make it through obstacle courses and different challenges each day!

Dates: 6/28-7/2   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 7-12   Location: Tustin

Dates: 7/12-7/16   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 7-12   Location: Tustin

Dates: 7/19-7/23   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 6-12   Location: Laguna


Students will be using our newest robotics platform, Itty Bitty Buggy, and add LEGO bricks to it in order to complete different challegnes in class including a battle bot competition!  The robot will be controlled both remotely and with programming blocks.  Other challenges inlcude a sumo bot competition and capture the flag.  Who will reign victorious? Students will also have a chance to earn a medal on the final day of class.

Dates: 6/21-6/25   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 6-12   Location: Laguna

Dates: 7/12-7/16   Times: 12:15am-2:45pm   Ages: 6-12   Location: Laguna


Ready for the most advanced project that LEGO makes? This is it! Learn all about Mindstorms EV3 and how it works. Students will learn how to program and build an EV3 robot and have it complete different tasks on an official First LEGO League game field. This class introduces students to both robotics and the First LEGO League. This is a great class for learning the basics or refreshing your skills and learning about competing on a FLL team as well!

Dates: 6/28-7/2   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 9-14   Location: Laguna

Dates: 8/9-8/13   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 9-14   Location: Laguna


One of our most popular camps! Go head to head in different competitions using the Mindstorms Ev3 Robot. No programming
is involved in this class. Students will learn about mechanics and concepts on how to make your Bot stronger! Challenges include a capture the flag competition and an all out battle to put your opponents Bot out of commission. Students will also get a chance to earn a medal and prizes during our final day competition!

Dates: 5/31-6/4   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 7-14   Location: Tustin

Dates: 6/7-6/11   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 7-14   Location: Laguna

Dates: 7/5-7/9   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 7-14   Location: Tustin

Dates: 7/26-7/30   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 7-14   Location: Laguna

Dates: 8/2-8/6   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 7-14   Location: Tustin


Learn about this awesome robotics platform! Students will learn how to build, code and control a Vex robot. ey will be faced with different challenges each day such as navigating and obstacle course and relay races! This class is great for beginners and advanced students looking for a challenge or looking to join a competitive VEX Robotics team. Students will also participate in a final day
competition and have a chance to earn a medal!

Dates: 5/31-6/4   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 9-14   Location: Tustin

Dates: 8/2-8/6   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 9-14   Location: Tustin

Dates: 8/9-8/13   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 9-14   Location: Laguna

LEGO Mindstorms BOOTCAMP FLL - $200

Want to increase your EV3 robot skills?  Competing in a First LEGO League team and want to add more technical skills to your robot build?  This class is for you!  We will be learning how to integrate sensors and code them and learning about different attachments and how they can help you in scoring points on the game field!  Step up your game! Taught by Mr.Shane!

Attachments Bootcamp

Dates: 7/26-7/30   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 9-14   Location: Tustin

Sensors Bootcamp

Dates: 8/2-8/6   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 9-14   Location: Tustin



Step into the world of coding with Scratch! Created by MIT to teach students how to learn the concepts of coding. Student’s will learn computational thinking skills and put them to the test in fun challenges, such as making animations, emojis, games and more! This is a great class for any budding coder! 

Dates: 6/14-6/18   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 7-12   Location: Tustin



Discover the simplicity of designing games with just a your mouse. From character and level design to programming, everything is
done visually. If you can read, you can program a game! Concepts include creating your game concept, 2d games physics, pixel animating, creating the environment, and developing game structure.  Students will also receive a programable pocket video game system to take home!

Dates: 6/21-6/25   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 8-13   Location: Tustin

Dates: 7/19-7/23   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 8-13   Location: Tustin

Makers Lab-$220


Join us Star Wars fans as we make Light Sabers, program droids, make 3d holograms and more! We will be making and learning about all things Star Wars and the science involved. Learn how to use “the force” and about life beyond earth! Student’s will also get to hop on and
experience Star Wars in virtual reality!

Dates: 6/21-6/25   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 6-12   Location: Tustin

Dates: 7/12-7/16   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 6-12   Location: Tustin


Love DISNEY?  Then this class is for you!  Students will be learning, making, and having tons of fun with everything Disney themed the whole week.  Learn fun facts about Disney through fun games, make your custom Mickey ears, learn about animation and createe your own zoetrope and flipbook and more!  This class is great for the casual and hard care Disney fan!

Dates: 7/5-7/9   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 6-12   Location: Tustin

Dates: 8/2-8/6   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 6-12   Location: Tustin

Engineering & technology - $250


Join us as we hack different electronics and learn about he components that make them work!  Students will learn how to solder, learn about resistors, capacitors, switches, l.e.d, and more as we work on soldering projects and modify small electronic devices by adding switches, lights, potentiometers and more.  Great for any budding engineer and those curious about soldering and electronics.

Dates: 6/14-6/18   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 10-15   Location: Laguna

Dates: 6/28-7/2   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 10-15   Location: Tustin

Dates: 7/19-7/23   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 10-15   Location: Laguna


Do your kids love taking apart everything in your house?  Asking you 100's of questions on how it works?  This class is for them!  We are taking apart things such as computers, monitors, toys, toasters and other electronics.  We are learning what each component does from capacitors to diodes and then we are making things out of them such as a gravity powered car and a clock!  Sign up for this class if you value your electronics at home!

Dates: 6/7-6/11   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 7-12   Location: Tustin

Dates: 6/28-7/2   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 7-12   Location: Tustin

Dates: 7/26-7/130   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 7-12   Location: Tustin


Experience the technology that is shaping our future! Students will get to fly drones through obstacle courses, build and program robots and see how VR is changing education and the world around us! This fun and exciting class will open your eyes to the technologies of the future! (*note- VR can cause dizziness in students that are sensitive to visual digital movement)

Dates: 7/12-7/16   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 9-14   Location: Tustin


We are learning about 3d printing and design!  Students will be designing in Tinkercad and then we will be 3d printing them out on our small fleet of 3d printers!  We are going through proper design techniques and students will be designing multiple take home projects.  Note- students will be designing on a computer 99% of the time and need to know how to use a computer mouse and be familiar with a keyboard.

Dates: 6/7-6/11   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 7-12   Location: Tustin

Dates: 7/19-7/23   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 7-12   Location: Tustin


Got the hang of 3d printing and want to learn more design techniques? We will be getting into multiple part design, joint designs, and integrating 3d printing with functional objects such as bearings.  We will be going through different projects during the week and students will be able to take home their projects.

Dates: 8/2-8/6   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 7-12   Location: Tustin


Dive into the world of Arduino, an open source microcontroller capable of creating some amazing creations! Learn how to use the software and hardware to control things such as lights or use sensors to activate a motor.   The sky is the limit!  Each student will receive their own Arduino kit to take home.

Dates: 6/7-6/11   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 10-15   Location: Laguna

Dates: 7/12-7/16   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 10-15   Location: Laguna

wood shop-$300

Good old woodshop! Students will learn tool safety and how to use the tools that shape and cut wood. Tools used includes power drills, band saws, miter saws, power sanders and more. This project based class will leave your student wanting more! Students can take any class as we will be completing different projets in each. Note - Projects can vary depending on students interest and class size. Class is for mature students that can follow rules only!​


WOOD SHOP 1 - Hanging key holder & Cornhole game

Dates: 6/14-6/18   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 13-17   Location: Tustin

Dates: 7/12-7/16   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 13-17   Location: Tustin

Dates: 8/2-8/6   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 13-17   Location: Tustin

WOOD SHOP 2 - Planter Box & Picture Puzzle Game

Dates: 6/21-6/25   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 13-17   Location: Tustin

Dates: 7/19-7/23   Times: 9am-11:30am   Ages: 13-17   Location: Tustin

Dates: 8/9-8/13   Times: 12:15pm-2:45pm   Ages: 13-17   Location: Tustin

Makers Lab
Engineering Tech
Wood Shop
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