WElcome engage 360 students!

Check out all the amazing STEM activities below!  Enter a contest, build a catapult, learn how to digitally design and more! We are always updating and adding more activities, so check back often.


Check out our contests!  New contests are always being added too.

To join, follow the steps below!

1. Create an account on our contest forums HERE.

2. Get your account approved by emailing us.  Let us know your name, login name and tell us that you are with Engage 360.  Email us at contest@brainbuildersed.org

3. Check out the contests, rules, and lessons!

4. Start engineering and inventing!


Check out the different engineering activites below!  Got LEGO Bricks? Then try out our Engineering with LEGO challenges.  Don't have that many LEGO Bricks?  Don't worry, our STEM Building activities include things you can easily find around the house!

Digital Design

Learn how to use CAD (computer aided design) software to create some amazing 2D and 3D objects.  CAD software is used throughout engineering and design and now you can learn how to use it to design a key chain, storm trooper, or whatever you want!

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